What is PyConEs2014?

PyConES is the national Python conference
more relevant in Spain.

PyConES second edition will be held, after the first edition's success last year in Madrid, under the global event PyCon format. In this edition, the organization is by the hand of the Zaragoza Hackerspace, Dlabs, with the collaboration of the Python Spain association and the Python Zaragoza user group.

A hackerspace is a physical place where people who has diverse interests can get to know each other, socialize and collaborate. Dlabs gives us a space where we can meet, share knowledge and materials, creating some kind of open development laboratory. Right now, Zaragoza's hackerspace has about twenty members who will coordinate and organise this year's event, along with many other volunteers.

Zaragoza is the fifth city in Spain by size. It's enclaved halfway between Madrid and Barcelona, well served by road and high speed train (AVE). It counts with a good gastronomic, nightlife and hotel offer, which makes it the ideal city for holding big conferences.

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Previous editions

PyConES 2013

PyConES 2013 was held at Madrid's Universidad Politecnica (UPM) in November 2013.
The conference had more than 20 sponsors, more than 300 attendees and almost 10.000 views of the talks in the next six months.
For further info, you can watch the 2013 edition archive here


Etopia - Centre for Art and Technology

Zaragoza's Center for Art and Technology is a new-generation equipment designed to hold and promote the most innovative and creative projects within the scope of "Milla Digital".
A powerful installation with a total surface area of more than 16.000 m2 which will work, at the same time, as a centre for contemporary culture, showcase of the most cutting-edge expressions and workshop for the makers and technologists, a space of specialized training in the new scopes emerging from the intersection of art and technology, a lab for ideas about the digital city and incubator for new enterprises in the content sector.

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Recursos útiles

Donde alojarse

Donde comer

  • En el hotel TRYP de enfrente
  • En la estación delicias, a 2 minutos del evento a pie
  • Podemos encontrar bares y restaurantes en la avenida puerta sancho, a cinco minutos del evento a pie

Como llegar

  • En el autobús 42, bajando en puerta sancho
  • En el autobus 51, Ci1 y Ci2 hasta la estación, y cruzando el puente peatonal
  • Si vienes de fuera... ¡Esta justo enfrente de la estación!


  • ¡Descarga aquí tu 30% de descuento en RENFE para asistir a la conferencia!



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You can sponsor PyConES too!

If you're interested in sponsoring PyConES 2014, this document is for you
You can get in touch with us at

Get involved

The conference is still being brewing

We're working hard to offer you a spectacular PyConES event. Our organization, volunteer and collaborator team, with more than twenty people, is getting the resources ready for you to participate and struggling to get the best speakers and most interesting talks.

At this moment you can access the following resources:

Call for papers

This is for you, speakers!

Call4Papers is open for PyConES 2014!

Sponsorship is not yet closed, but we'll do everything that is in our hands to help with the travel and accommodation of the speakers. They'll also get a free ticket and a special gift that we'll announce at the farewell ceremony.

Types of papers

  • Talks - 50 minutes of technical talk
  • Lightning talks - 10 minutes of product presentation or technical talk
  • Workshops - between 50 minutes and 2 hours

Some important dates

  • September 10th - Deadline for submitting a talk
  • November 3rd-6th - Python course at Dlabs Hackerspace
  • November 7th - Special BetaBeers PyConES

If you've got a talk proposal, send us a mail to with the following information:

  • Subject: "PyConEs2014 - Call4Papers Response"
  • Body: Small abstract of your talk
  • Add your talk duration
  • Tell us something about yourself

Code of conduct

All assistants are required to show respect and courtesy towards the rest during the conference.
Specifically, all delegates, speakers and volunteers taking part in PyConES-related activities should adhere to the present code of conduct. Organization will enforce the fulfilment of this code of conduct.
PyConEs aims to create a discrimination free environment. Gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical aspect, ethnics or religion-based discriminations will not be tolerated under any circumstance.
If any participant breaks this code of conduct, organization reserves the right to take the adequate measures, like caution or expulsion without right to be reimbursed.